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Rules & Agreements.

Everyone signing up for an account with Chevoils.com is required to agree to all the terms and conditions as stated on this page or link on this website. Chevoils.com reserves the right to reject or deny registrations from individuals we may assess as liabilities to Chevoils.com. Herewith written all the terms and conditions that you must know in order for everyone to have the perfect experience with our company.

Chevoils.com is an investment platform that caters to the online investors who are looking for an opportunity to invest in the oil industry without the big capital required. Chevoils.com serves as a channel for even the smallest investors to participate and make money from this lucrative industry of a commodity that is widely used and in demand all around the globe. We are here to provide a safe environment to all types of investors.

Registration from all individuals and or groups from across the globe may open accounts with us provided that you provide us with a working e-mail address for the reason of communication. This we shall use to communicate between our investors and our company and of our staff. Registered accounts with invalid e-mail addresses need to correct said information immediately if incorrect or invalid e-mail address was entered. Failure to do so, will result in suspension of the said account.

Users must comply with our security requirements, being that you must ensure that your account is safe and secure from malicious people by entering a unique password for your account that you register with us. Chevoils.com will not be responsible from loss that may arise as a result of carelessness from the user.

Chevoils.com registered users must understand and accept that any malicious or abusive activity that we may notice from your account that may cause damage to our company and fellow investors will be removed from our website. This means that we will and can delete or terminate accounts when such activity is seen with or without notice.

Withdrawals from accounts take up to 24 hours to process. Duration of time before reflection in your account varies per crypto type. Our responsibility ends when we have provided you with a notice of processing which most of the time include a payment reference number which you can check and verify with the public ledgers called block explorers or blockchain of specific crypto types.

Reflection of such withdrawals on your wallets will vary from wallet to wallet, verify the required conditions prior to reflection with your wallet providers.

Plans are final and cannot be transferred. Your choice of investment, when confirmed cannot be transferred to another plan. You are given a confirmation page before proceeding with a deposit and therefore, you agree that each and every transaction on Chevoils.com is final and irreversible.

Users must understand that 3 confirmations is required for deposits to get added to your account. Transfers in both deposits and withdrawals will be based on the real-time live exchange rate of the crypto you choose as a method of either deposit or withdrawal. It is advisable to use a high fee when transacting with slow confirming blockchains like Bitcoin from time to time. It is also advised that you exercise patience when dealing with crypto currencies because they may take time to confirm depending on the network load on each blockchain of each crypto kind.

Referral system or program of Chevoils.com is 3% reward for the direct first level referrals and 2% for the 2nd level referrals. We do not have a 3rd level referral and so on.

Transfers or deposits or investments from Perfect Money and or Payeer are immediately added to your active deposits upon completion of transfer, with no confirmations required. Referral commissions crediting are also instantaneous within our system.

Registered users must agree that they understand that deposits from account balance will also give commissions to the referrers.

Chevoils.com will never share your information to anyone. We will keep our database secure from leechers and we will only use your information to keep in contact with you.