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We believe that people thrive when they are working toward a common and focused goal. We are proud of our transparency and alignment of interest with our portfolio companies and investors.

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Chevoils.com provides advanced investment strategies and wealth management solutions to forward-thinking investors around the world.
Through its distinct investment brands chevoils.com Management, we offers a diversity of investment approaches, encompassing bottom-up fundamental active management, Responsible Investing, systematic investing and customized implementation of client-specified portfolio exposures.
Exemplary service, timely innovation and attractive returns across market cycles have been hallmarks of chevoils.com since the origin.

Responsible Investing

Chevoils.com is committed to conducting business in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner. These principals guide our decision-making throughout the investment lifecycle.
From the onset of the investment process, we pursue ideas inspired by environmental, social, and governance ('ESG') issues and participate in industries engaged with these themes.
All companies in which we invest are first vetted by our professionals, who work closely with expert advisors, to identify and mitigate potential ESG conflicts.

Quality Asssurance

Chevoils.com differentiated credit-focused franchise combines relative value trading with a deep understanding of fundamental credit investing and legal and structuring expertise.
With an emphasis on risk management, chevoils.com opportunistically invests across the capital structure in less efficient segments of the market with the goal of generating consistent, alpha-driven returns across market cycles.

We strive to build world-class businesses to generate superior returns for our partners.

Main Features

Oil trading is our main business, we focus only in Oil Industry because of our perfect balance of traders, we have both fundamental analysis experts that worked for several years as engineers in recognized oil firms along with technical analysis traders, this enables our company to provide the offered profit from our investments plans

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All withdrawal requests are manually processed by our hard working team at the fastest pace, we strive excellence and constant improvement.


We are currently living in the ERA of Information, proctection security measures are enabled - Military Grade.


We know how to handle this market in all its trends wether is Bearish or Bullish, we been here for years and we know how to handle this market at every wave.

High Profit

Chevoils.com only focus our trading on opportunities where the profit margin allow us to cover our daily withdrawals. We do not wish to waste broker fees in low profit trades.

We love Crypto

Crypto allows us to expand our business and offer our services to our valued investors, we declare ourselves huge fans of cryptocurrency and its endless making money potential.

Good Place to Work

Our business is global and our people are as diverse as the world in which we work. We have many nationalities among our team, enabling diversity of thinking which translates into a greater understanding of our investors.

Value Added Services

We work with you to build, grow and accelerate brand

Asset Management

We create customized, integrated investment solutions to meet the unique needs of insurers and pension plans.

Wealth Management

Your financial goals are uniquely your own, so stakeaccess.com will design a wealth management strategy that's just for you.

Our growth in becoming one of the largest alternative investment managers is aligned with this vision and is a testament to our shared values, experienced management team, and focus on performance and high-quality investor base, which includes large asset management , trading , Infrastructures, sovereign wealth funds and financial planning.

A strategic mix of insurance and investments working together for your goals.

Your go-to financial expert who helps keep your big picture, and dreams, in focus.

A personalized plan that brings all aspects of your financial life together.

Chev Oil Company!

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I've been investing with them for years, and they've consistently exceeded my expectations. Trustworthy and professional!

Michael Davidson - Canada.

Transparent, knowledgeable, and dedicated. I'm confident in my financial future thanks to their guidance.

Emily Stevenson - Australia.

Their dedication to maximizing returns while minimizing risk is unmatched. A true asset to any investor.

Mark Lewis - New Zealand.

Their holistic approach to financial planning sets them apart. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Melissa Roberts - Germany.

Exemplary service and exceptional results. Investing with them has been a game-changer for my portfolio.

Robert Davis France

Their team goes above and beyond to ensure their clients' financial goals are not only met but exceeded.

Kevin Wilson - United States.

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